We custom order a laminated white and black 10mm thick PVC sheet plastic to fabricate this booth.  The flat edges of the booth are glossy white and the edges are trimmed in black -- creating the iconic tuxedo look. Guaranteed to blend in with any event or room decor -- from a casual outdoor party to the most elegant black tie wedding.  Our booths can also be easily covered in custom printed vinyl for your most demanding corporate clients.



Assembly takes less than two minutes.  Anyone can do it!  It's as simple as attaching the base plate, center and top sections. Those sections are held together with plastic tabs and only 8 screws -- that's it! The booth has built in fully adjustable lighting that can be powered by AC or battery.  In fact, the entire booth can be operated with NO WIRES!



What's most unique about this booth is our implementation of interchangeable face plates.  These face plates clamp into place in seconds and can be used in landscape or portrait orientation.

We have face plates available for:

iPad Pro 9.7

iPad Pro 10.5

iPad Pro 12.9

The Tuxedo Booth can also be used as a fully functional Windows-based webcam photobooth with our Surface Pro face plate with integrated webcam mount for the Logitech C920 or the new Brio 4K webcam!

The top section of this booth also features an integrated tilt mechanism. Simply tilt the booth with the touch of your finger, no bulky knobs that require you to loosen and tighten to lock into place.

Want a second screen in the back for a second booth or slideshow? We've got you covered with our optional rear door that can hold an ipad or screen of your choice.


More Info Coming Soon!


Why PVC Plastic?

You might be thinking to yourself why plastic, when most booths are made of aluminum or wood? PVC plastic is extremely durable, lightweight, 100% waterproof and has a glossy finish built right into the material.  PVC is lighter than aluminum yet more rigid.

How Strong Is It Really?

We've had some questions come in about the strength of our PVC plastic.  So, we decided to take a center column section from one of our Black Tie Pro booths and run it over with a 6,000 lbs pickup truck.

Check out the photos!